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We welcome you to your orientation with Mistubishi/Koridansu, hereafter referred to as “Corporate” As you may know, Corporate is looking for talented individuals for a long term, classified job. Details of said job will be divulged after acceptance of the package from Corporate and extensive training to ensure all individuals will be fully qualified for the job. I’m sure you are curious about your wages, a human resources officer will be along shortly to offer you your individual packages once you submit to DNA and Retinal scans as well as signing a binding contract with Corporate. Afterwards you will be taken to Corporate’s CyberClinic for cyberware scanning and installation of some required hardware, such as a Neuralware processor, Interface Ports and a Vehicle Link.

Please remember, Corporate loves you.

Initial Wages: 15k eB/Month
Sign on bonus: 50k eB

Home Page

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